Pinot Noir/Nero or …


”I hate Merlot, but I love Pinot” a classic scene from the The movie ”Sideways” which decreased the Merlot sales all over the world with 2% at the same time as Pinot Noir increased in popularity with over 15%. Truly remarkable numbers called the ”Sideways effect” by some in the industry. So much did the movie affect the sales thats also droped in large numbers when it comes to hard cash for a bottle after the succes which took all quit by suprice.

Me myself just love Pinot Noir maybe it`s because its fragile like life it self, I don`t know but its a noble grape, very hard to get success with because you have to take care of the grapes like a small child, tenderly and carefuly otherwise it will scream and stop eating, not to much sun, not to less and the soil and water and so on… you have to care for the grapes in so many perspectives and of course you need to do this on every variety of grape and bunch you plant, but on this grape with it`s thin skin it needs more of perfect conditions just to be able to make a harvest on this little gem. Its a very well known grape, and it`s one out of three grapes usually in a bottle of Champagne… but I will leave the Champagne thought for later.

There are Pinot Noir growing in many parts of the world but my favorites are made in New Zeeland. In the old world the fruit flavours are subtil whilst in NZ and in parts of the US the fruit is warmer, full bodied and like silk in the mouth with the typical aromas of rasberry and wild strawberries makes the wines on the palett almost jamie and sensuell so it`s easy to get fund of it.

The Pinot is acessable for lots of people that may be not so keen on drinking reds beacause of the tannins. I have meet a lot of people who says that ”I dont drink red wine beacuse of the harsch tannins” Well, i can understand that point of view without a problem because on one hand the major cunsumption of wine is done while the wine is still young around two years from harvest to the consumer, but on the other if you store some bottles for a few years they tannins could be more gentil, for sure. When young the tannins usally are quit high on many varietes of grapes. But if you find lots of reds to be high on tannins, try a Pinot Noir and you will be supriced, surely.

In combination with food it`s works quit well both with fish and meat because of the lack of harsh tannins aswell as it`s freshness whitch are different on each vintage of course. My suggestion is to serve a Pinot Noir to well balanced fish dishes, poached or lightly fried and also to white meat like poultry, pork or even veal.

From my perspective there are many different kinds of grapes that I appreciate from the ”fucking Merlot” to Cabernet and many more, but one of my favourites will surely always be the one and only Pinot Noir.

”From the beginning of time there were many but at the end there could only be one”




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