Cabernet Sauvignon


The second favourite when it comes to grapes and I have still some left in my pocket. This grape is certainly one of the most well known grapes around the globe and the grape is grown at over 650000 acres ìsh worldwide and it’s growing as I writing this piece. Regions there are plenty but France is still the largest grower with over 120k acres, with the new world like the US not so far behind with about 95k acres and countries like the down under, South Africa with less acres than that. However, the grape depends on the area of the production aswell as the soil to get the flavours and dark fruit like black cherry, blackberry, black currant, black pepper, licorice, tobacco, vanilĺa etc. It’s usually or maybe I should say always matured on oak for several months for example from 9 to 18 months so it’s no wonder that its full of vanilla from the oak which could be French, American aswell as Slovenian. The wine has normally ģood tannins and acidity so it’s well prepared to be put into incubation for some time.

In France it’s common to find them in Bordeaux blends and in Italy in the super tuscans aswell as in Priorat in Spain. Rare and maybe not so common names of the grape is Sauvignon rouge, Petite-Vidare,  Bouche and so on.


Depending on were its been grown the Cabernet as you already suspected turns up in different clothing depending of the climate,  soil and further on, but it’s a full bodied wine with dark fruit in both the nose and on the pallet. If we sho uld compare two Cabs, one from France and the other from US, they totally differ, well not quit totaly. But the one from Bordeaux has more of floral flavors and hints of tobacco aswell as graphite, licorice than fruit, but of course the fruit is still there with dark berries but not as much like the ones from the new world.                                                                                                                                                  The Cabs from the new world has more of a fruitier feeling with the black fruit,  licorice and vanilla with a little bit less of tannins aswell as acidity but are usually more filled with alcohol than ìts cousin from Europe.

Food pairing: Well The Cab goes extremly well with food high in fat and Umami flavours, like a burger, steak, short ribs or a mushroom pizza.

Prize: Ìts like a lot of things in life it’s the demand of the Cabernet that sets the price aswell as better produced vintage’s that’s makes the prices go up from year to year. But if you buy them young the will surely last, I think I can promise a good surprise after a few years in the cellar, but don’t pick the cheapest one, take a young wine that you already know that you like and treat it like a baby and you will probably not be disappointed.

Cheers my Cabernet friends…




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