Von Winning 2012


A fresh and classic Pinot Noir/Spätburgunder or if you prefare the name Blauburgunder because this sensitive little grape of wonder goes under different names in different countries. But of course if you like to export the wine you need a well known name of the grape to that waist mojority in that market, which in my case is the monopoly in Sweden.

This Von Winning perform well though it still young both in the nose aswell as on the palate. You get all the classics in one zip actually, violet aswell as herbs and liquorice, subtle spices and a hint of wild strawberries/cherries and almost a pinch of strawberry jam in the after taste with a fresh acidity, which are maybe are little bit over the top, but if you give it a couple of years, could it in the long run be quite nice.

Prost, Wine and Foodlovers


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