Dom Ruinart Blanc de B 1993


This time of year the sales of Champagne is getting sky high and maybe it’s not just because of the bubbles and the coming up festivities.  Newly published research from the University of Reading concludes that Champagne doesn’t djust make you feel beautiful it’s also healthy if you consume between 1-3 glasses a week. This may sound controversial but the studies shows that’s it’s good against dementia because of the phenols.

What it comes down to is that the grapes you produce Champagne from, mainly 3 varietes as you probobly already know as the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and of course Chardonnay consists of two blue coloured grapes namely the Pinot Noir and the Meunier. It’s of course the phenols in the grapes that creates a sort of immune effect on diseases like dementia because the fenols acts in your brain to improve the memory.

So from now you can have some Bubbles keeping that in mind, knowing that the Champagne probobly will taste even better after these bubbly facts. So if you like Winston Churchill prefer your Champagne ”cold, dry and for free” you should concentrate on having a bottle of Blanc de noir or a Cuvee that consist mainly on the blue grapes which has the highest level of phenols.

Nerd info: each bottle of Champagne consist of more than 48 million bubbles with an average size of 0,5mm and when the bottle is opened the cork leaves the bottle in the speed of approximately 55km/hour. There are about 280 Champagne houses with more than 5 thousands registered farmers and Sweden is about nr 11 on the list of the world consumers.

If you are interested in knowing more about the good benefits of having a glass of wine please go to the or and get some information about this imortent topic by my fellow #winelover Patrick Farrell MD, MW.

With all of these important facts in mind I wish you all the best for the holidays with familly and loved ones and don’t forget about the bubbles… 1-3 glasses a (day) week, keeps the doctor away.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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