Swedish cassoulet


Xmas is just over and there is lots of food left in the fridge in the land of plenty. By know you are quit feed up with the Xmas flavours and are not sure what to do with the left lovers. Well in Sweden we have a certain dish called ”Hash” and for the record I will call it  ”Swedish hash” consisting in my case of small cubes of potatoes, panchetta, sausages, ham, cabbage and onion. But ingredients differ from fridge to fridge and from home to the kitchen next door.


This is a quit rich dish when it comes to flavours and protein sources as you already understand. For me the dish reminds me of a French cassoulet but in the Swedish variety I let everything fry in the pan before I ad some double creme to it and letting it fry/cook together for a few minutes before serving it together with a few lovely small beetroots. The taste is wonderful you will certainly agree and by now you have learned that no matter what your fridge looks like there is always time to make a Swedish cassoulet.



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