Some Turkish delight in the Spice market in Istanbul


If you never been to Istanbul, you missed a gem and the door to Asia, the city is vibrant and has a lot to offer. The Grand Bazar is a must aswell as other historical walkabouts. But Istanbul is not just history, even though you cant avoid it, it’s a huge city with more than 10 million people if not more. When going here, be patient because the language skills are quite poor if you don’t speak turkish, but the people are friendly and the city is devided into a European sector aswell as a Asian one, and it’s not hard to feel at home anywhere in this big city. The food is alright and a meal starts from a few euros to a lot more, it goes aswell for the hotels, from the simple stay over to the luxurious top notch. For me personally a trip is all about the accommodation aswell as the food and drinks and this city has a lot to offer to my senses. In Istanbul, you can find anything of your desire, it’s just up to the wallet to deside and if you like some spiceness in your life, don’t forget to go Istanbul at least once in your life time, you will never forget it or regret it.

Keep on cooking


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