La Degustation Prague

La degustation exterior

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

The Czech menu is our interpretation of the refined culinary school of Marie B. Svobodová from the late 19th century. We are inspired by its regional seasonality and the exact consistency with which it approaches the preparation of each dish. The Czech menu is extended with courses inspired by chef Oldřich Sahajdák. It specializes in modern cooking tIn rapid succession, we got three different amuser, before we even decided what we wanted out of this mosaic of possibilities.

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise is one of two restaurants with in Prague with a Michelin star.

”Intimate L-shaped restaurant in a historic building, with an elegant, dark wood interior and an open kitchen. Two tasting menus of 6 or 11 courses of modern European dishes and interpretations of Czech cuisine; cooking ice Technically exact, innovative and flavourful. Charming, professional service ”

Menu: 2150CZK- 3150CZK A Particularly interesting wine list

Address: Haštalská 18 110 00 Praha

Phone: +420222311234


Then it was finally time, almost exactly on the spot we opened the door and stepped into something that looked like a bar with a few tables on the right hand side. This can’t be the place of the venue, I had time to think.

I am not exaggerating if I say that from the moment we opened the door and stepped into their world, we were sublime cared for that evening. This experience is not about a description of service, I cannot take the word service in my mouth when I describe this feeling. It was more about hospitality than anything else, we were seen but not unclothed and with a highly tightened finger top feeling we got a lesson in how to create a super team like a national ice hockey team from the eighties.

The feeling was homey and surreal and since then I haven’t felt anything like that evening in any restaurant, we were completely enchanted. This was about focus, extremely fast and on the spot top notch hospitality. They already know what we wanted and needed before we even know it our self.

La deegustion mneu


La degustation amuse 1

amuse bouche 1

La degustation 1

amuse bouche 2

La degustation amuse 2

amuse bouche 3

La degustation trout egg buttemilk


trout, egg, dill, buttermilk

chardonnay 2013 – radomír nepraš

cucumber, gooseberries

La degustation foie gras, pistachio nuts 2


foie gras, pistachio nuts

tokaji aszú 2005 – oremus

apple, elderflower

La degustation 3 třeboň catfish, yeast, kohlrabi


třeboň catfish, yeast, kohlrabi

veltlínské zelené 2013 – piálek & jäger

 white cabbage, carrot

La degustation 4 leak peer lard


leek, pear, lard

 riesling 2011 – von buhl

 jerusalem artichoke

 La degutation 5th


hostín asparagus, green peas, hollandaise sauce

sauvignon blanc 2013 – jaromír gala

onion, pear

 La degustation 7 škubánky, poppy seeds, prague ham


škubánky, poppy seeds, prague ham

friulano collio 2013 – toros franco

sweet potatoes

 La degustation 6th


přeštice pork belly, mustard, beetroot

frankovka 2007 – františek mádl

leek, apple


beef entrecote, cabbage, celery, walnuts

blanc tradition 2007 – château d’arlay

celery, apple

La degustation beef tongue, yellow pea purée, apple


beef tongue, yellow pea purée, apple

cuvée skale 2006 – pavel springer

sour cherries

 La degustation 10


calf sweetbreads, quinea hen egg, truffle

 champagne robert winner 1996 – bedel françoise

walnuts, apple

 La degustation sista


olomoucké tvarůžky, caraway seeds

dark beer – matuška

red currant


potatoes, hazelnuts, defrutum, raspberries

brachetto d’acqui 2014 – braida

 grape juice soda

La degustation chef


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